Located in the Indian Ocean and favoured as a tourist destination, our island has far more to offer than pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons and green mountain ranges.

Any traditional destination description of Mauritius states that the island is located below the tropic of Capricorn, and that it is a veritable emerald gem, surrounded by a turquoise Ocean, fringed by wonderful white sandy beaches and protected by a barrier reef. There might be mention of rare bird species too, of exotic endemic plants life and of interesting creatures dwelling in the deep blue Ocean.

Visitors will sample the many tropical fruits and vegetables on their dinner plates and enjoy colourful blossoms as omnipresent decoration.

Island history too, is indeed very colourful! It involves a multitude of cultures, religions, wars and astonishing events, which have created today’s multicultural and interracial places of interest for visitors to discover and enjoy. As a result of this history, Mauritius is a truly multi-ethnic society, its many religions being celebrated throughout the year. Visitors can greatly benefit from all of this, and also from the natural kindness of the islanders.

A beautiful and lush nature with surprisingly shaped mountains, cascading rivers and an incredible bio diversity creates an ideal backdrop for eco and adventure activities of any kind.

Of course, Mauritius is well-known for its luxury hotels and resorts. However, there has been a great development on the island with many different alternative accommodation. Being an enterprise with a sustainable orientation, we naturally encourage travellers to explore the roads less travelled. And since lodges are usually built at great nature places, we just as naturally recommend them to our guests.